Can you really afford to have a machine without any annual maintenance?
Can you really afford to have delays in your machine maintenance?
Do you want service from someone who has been around for more than 40 years in the business of service equipment?
Do you want a prompt service which is value for money?
If the answer to any of these questions is “YES!” then SERVICEX is at your service.

STRAPEX is proud to announce new vertical “SERVICEX”.
This addition completes our goal to be a one-stop solution for all the cleaning sector related requirements.
Our Forte is the maintenance and servicing of all brands and all types of machines in the cleaning sector.
Since 1997, Strapex, with more than 10000 machines sold in the market, is a formidable company to provide the correct product mix and solutions to customers.
SERVICEX is a team of trained professionals with a cumulative experience of more than 80+ years. We bring you services for the following Commercial and Industrial categories,

  1. Vacuum cleaners: Dry / Wet /Carpet / ( Single and Three Phase )
  2. Scrubbers: Single Discs / Walk Behind Scrubber Driers / Ride-On Scrubbers ( Electrical and Battery operated)
  3.  Sweepers: Walk-Behind and Ride-On Sweepers ( Battery / Petrol / Diesel )
  4. High-Pressure Water Jets: Single / Three-phase ( Cold and Hot )

We operate as a single window for maintaining machines with additional support on getting spares and consumables.
SERVICEX will provide a solution to the following dilemmas:

  1.  Lack of support from vendors who sold equipment resulting in your investments on machines lying idle.
  2. False promises and lack of information about maintenance result in wear and tear of cleaning equipment.
  3. Old machines without any information about vendors.
  4. Vendors are charging extra for spare parts and consumables, resulting in unnecessary higher costs and high time Quotient
  5. Multiple brand machines making it difficult for you to coordinate with multiple vendors resulting in wastage of time and resources just to track down vendors and service charges.

With our flexible options of annual maintenance or per call servicing, you will find your suitable options very easily. Feel free to call us to know how we can provide a customized solution to your organization.